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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of each of our care homes, our management team and all our staff are based on the values which exist in any community; a respect and freedom for the individual to pursue personal goals and interests, constrained only by the needs of living with others.

Our care homes are committed to the following core principles in all that we do:

  • Ensuring all residents have their privacy respected, and the right to be left alone/ undisturbed / free from intrusion in relation to his or her affairs.
  • Every resident will be treated with dignity, as an individual and with respect, regardless of his or her circumstances, by recognising their uniqueness and their personal needs.
  • We encourage personal independence and give support with the physical and emotional needs of day to day living when required.
  • Ensuring residents are given the ability to exercise freedom of choice, by encouraging them to voice their opinions
  • Maintaining at all times the rights and entitlements of our residents, with the aim of involving them as far as possible in decisions regarding their care.
  • Offering fulfilment by recognising residents personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their day-to-day life, and ensuring the continuation of all activities and pastimes pursued by residents before moving into the Home, where possible.
  • The care we provide ensures security for the residents and their property, and also protects them from both the behaviour of others and from any undue danger created by themselves or circumstances.